Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Embroidery Machine Full Review

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Embroidery Machine Complete Overview

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X embroidery machine is the most renowned and beneficial embroidery machine that provides all the features of a perfect embroidery machine. 

 It includes 10 double-action needles that allow for multi-color embroidery work without thread overlap.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Embroidery Machine Full Review

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Introduction Of Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

Introduction Of Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

Large embroidery area and large-sized LCD screen meet all the embroidery maker’s requirements. Wireless connectivity resolves all concerns withembroidery designs. LAN connectivity and its software PE-DESIGN 11 can be set up to connect to over 10 embroidery machines.

The Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X is a creative powerhouse that is a perfect workhorse, too. Time is valuable, so Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X service is easy-to-use with features like 10-needle speed and auto–threading.

Main Features Of Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

Main Features Of Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X
  • Large-sized LCD of 10 inches × 8.5 inches (5.3 x 5.3). Larger embroidery area of 14 inches × 7.5 inches.
  • Embroidery speed is up to 1000 SPM
  • Sewing speed for frames may be 400 to 1000 SPM, depending on its artistic design. It includes 173 embroidery design entries.
  • Area of 14″ x 8″ designed for large embroidery projects, including quilts and jacket backs, includes four different frames of 14″ x 8″, 5″ x 7″, 4″ x 4″, and 2″ x 1.5″. It automatically detects the size of the hoop needed.
  • Create beautiful sashing and border patterns that fit perfectly for your quilt, up to 118″ × 118″! The patterns are split automatically for your selected hoop.
  •  Choose from 20 different patterns. Expand your creative output with five two-color quilting sash designs, which are perfect for creating eye-catching, colorful borders.
  • With wireless LAN connectivity, follow along with your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor app on your mobile device or smart device. With wireless LAN connectivity and PE-DESIGN 11 software, you could link as many as ten machine tools without a cable.
  • Check out 1,184 built-in embroidery designs, including 140 frame pattern combinations, 40 embroidery lettering fonts in different sizes, and 14 monogramming font styles.
  • Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X will act as an in-built camera and scanner! The ability to provide the entire area of embroidery is a terrific benefit and really simplifies keeping an eye on everything
  • Place your design exactly where you want it to be as many times as you want.Simply inspect your fabric/garment, preview your design onscreen, and you’re ready to embroider.

  •  You can also work using the optional cap and cylinder frames for tight spaces. By scanning rapidly, you can spend more time creating, and less time waiting to work on it.

  • Get a real-time camera view of your project’s location on your fabric, preview your embroidery design in near-real time, and imitate it using your fabric. You can also scan your fabric or garment, preview your design, and you are ready to begin embroidering. It works with the optional narrow cap and cylinder frames for tight places.

  • The InnoveEye Plus Technology makes embroidery design connection easy and precise. In addition, you can use the Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker to reposition your design in many different directions. Perfect for aligning designs for borders and quilt blocks.
  • Use the appropriate grid function to help achieve better embroidery placement when working with a snowman function. Use it in conjunction with the integrated InnovEye Plus Technology.
  • Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X includes features such as custom drawing, auto stipple and fill patterns, and 26 new decorative fill patterns. Embroidery preview mode is now 40 wider than previous versions.
  • The embroidery editing tool includes features such as the embroidery design template with a no sew button, the ability to sort the colors on your design, the option of aligning your text, and the ability to group and ungroup text as well.
  • A large 10″ LCD high-definition display presents your creations in a vivid, crisp color. Easily navigate through a menu that provides large, crystal-clear buttons.
  • Built-in HD tutorials make learning easy! View 29 community-developed tutorial videos directly on the high-definition LCD display, or stream your own creations using the industry standard MP4 format.
  • In Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Zoom and adjustment features let you see your creations in an expanded sharp color and see them become larger than life. You can easily adjust your creation by rotating in just 1 degree increments.
  • With only a button, you can thread this multi-needle machine’s needle with just the tip of your finger, making it fast and easy to thread.


My Design Center is preinstalled with the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X cutter, which allows you to produce delicate cuts with ease and convenience.

You can use the Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X large touchscreen to draw directly from My Design Centre, or insert your file format and make them into embroidery. Ten built-in features come in handy to speed everything up.