Ricoma MT-2003-8S Embroidery machine

Ricoma MT-2003-8S Three-Head Commerical Embroidery Machine Latest Overview

Ricoma’s newest commercial embroidery-machine series contains the ricoma MT-2003-8S. Manufactured in accordance with the latest technology, this machine has a large working area, making it easier to embroider multiple articles of clothing. The trio of heads enables users to embroider large, bulky items such as towels.

Ricoma MT-2003-8S Three-Head Commerical Embroidery Machine Latest Overview

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Introduction Of Ricoma MT-2003-8S Machine

Ricoma MT-2003-8S has unveiled the industry’s first 20 needle embroidery machine series, available in a triple-head model.

With these technologies, you can increase your production speed and triple your revenue by drastically cutting production time.

The Ricoma three-head embroidery machine is an excellent investment for those who are interested in taking their business to the next level.

20 Needle Embroidery Machine is the best option.

You will have more options at for high vibrant designs that more easily reset themselves, in addition to increasing your capabilities for tightening and stretching your needles and thread over the course of your projects.

You can adjust a vestige section of your needles to get exceptionally fine detail, further along have pens that knead embroidery caps, your needles are calibrated for knits, your projects for short-term operations will entail fewer skipped setup occasions.

You can embroider caps, t-shirts, bags, and other fabric items at high speeds of up to 1200 stitches per minute without compromising quality.

When you upgrade your machine to produce finished goods faster than ever, you can meet your orders’ needs more expediently than before.

Specifications Of Ricoma MT-2003-8S Machine

Specifications Of Ricoma MT-2003-8S Machine

The RICOMA MT2003 20-Needle 8-Series has a substantial embroidery area of up to 500 mm by 360 mm, enough for you to use generous space to create tall, large designs or accommodate a number of patterns within the hoop, so you make more output.

The Ricoma MT2003-8s series of computer-controlled sewing machines is perfect for embroidering both large and small projects.

The three-needle machine has a tower arm set to embroider small garments and the space between closely fitting sleeves without interference.

The 270-degree circular cap system generates full-size caps without rushing to remove and reposition the embroidery, are less challenging to embroider, and are useful for many additions, such as 3D patterns and photo Managers. This cap system can power through cushy 3D covers or thick textured punches up to three inches high!

The Ricoma MT-2003-8s 3-head embroidery machine boasts a larger and wider area aside from the heads, making it perfect for the task of embroidering large designs on bulky items like duffel bags and weekender bags.

Therefore, whether you’re embroidering leather or thick garments, this machine’s sturdy and versatile structure can handle a variety of materials of varying thicknesses.

The Ricoma MT-2003-8s series three-part embroidery machine boasts a high-resolution 8-inch True Colour LCD display.

Unlike other embroidery machines, the fully computerized panel enables you to import designs via USB, eliminating the need to connect specialist equipment to the device.

The author of this 20-needle RICOMA series implemented Wi-Fi network technology, which evolved a flexible production process.

The Ricoma MT 2003-8 s mid-level embroidery machine features a Wi-Fi connection and has 20 integrated needles.

Built-in features allow an embroidery area of 500mm x 360 mm, a laser design trace, electronic hoop select, standard CAP embroidery frames, as well as a number of other advanced options.

The touchscreen touchscreen is designed for an easy user interface.Multi-language Supported system.

Stitches Per Minute1000 spm
Maximum Embroidery Area500mm x 360mm [20″ x 14″]
Cap Embroidery Area270˚
Controlled byHigh Definition True Colour 8” LCD touch screen
Memory Capacity20 million stitches or 200 designs
WiFi / NetworkingWifi Built in enabled
Media USB1 x USB Port
Embroidery Vision LightYES
Machine SizeL: 1910mm x W: 770mm x H: 1600mm H (L:75 in x W:30 in x H: 63 in) with stand
Voltage240V / AC
Power Consumption0.3KW
Gross Weight250 kgs / 550lbs
Net Weight90 kgs
Standard Accessories6 sets of hoops/frames (6x 9cm, 6x 12cm, 6x 15cm, 6x 20cm, 6x 29cm x 29cm Jacket backs, 3x 54cm x 35cm Oval Frame), Wide Angle Cap (3x frames, 3x drivers, 1x framing jig) Frames, Machine Stand with wheels & levelling pads, Laser Trace, Tools & Parts Kit, Manuals, Oil, Grease etc.
Optional AccessoriesCording Device, Sequin Device, Camera Positioning Device, Robot Frame, Boring Device, Extended Table & Border Frame Option MT-2214-2 (MT2003) – (50cm x 35cm / 22″ x 14″ per head)
Warranty12 Months (1-Year) Guarantee

Basic Features And Benifits Of Ricoma MT-2003-8S Machine

Basic Features And Benifits Of Ricoma MT-2003-8S Machine

Ricoma MT 2003 8s Series multi-head embroidery machine.The MT 2003 8s Series 20 needle is built with ample area for embroidery on bulky items, while its small sewing arm is ideal for small, hard-to-embroider areas.

Among small business and entrepreneurs, the MT-2003-8s Series is a popular embroidery machine due to its speed and economical prices.

It can embroider on anything from apparel to duffel bags and weekender bags to leather or heavy jackets and totes, to towels and drapes and everything in between!

Features Of Ricoma MT-2003-8S

  • 20 needles are available to you.
  • Suitable for embroidery on flat items, caps, finished garments, and more.
  • Great for use on bulky items.
  • Ideal for an established, small, or new startup.
  • True-Color 8″ 8 Panel touchscreen.
  • Fully computerized panel allows you to upload through a USB port.
  • Maximum embroidery quantity: 500mm × 360mm (20 × 14″).
  • Automatic Color Transformation.
  • Thread Break Detection.
  • Newley established a small sewing arm for producing high-quality embroidery on caps and small items.
  • His small common stitching arm is very proficient for high-quality embroidery on caps and small things.
  • It has a mounted and coated metal roller to provide stability and mobility.
  • The maximum stitching speed is 1200 stitches per minute.
  • It is networked and WiFi capable.


The Ricoma MT-2003-8S three-head Embroidery Machine is an excellent choice for those who need a fast and efficient embroidery machine.

With 20 needles, it is able to stitch quickly and accurately, making it the perfect choice for any business or home.

If you’re in the market for an embroidery machine, be sure to check out the Ricoma MT-2003-8S – it’s sure to be a hit with both consumers and businesses alike.