Ricoma SWD-1501 Embroidery Machine

Ricoma SWD-1501 Embroidery Machine Complete Overview

Go above and beyond with our extra-large SWD-1501 embroidery machine. With the largest embroidery area in the industry, this 15-needle commercial embroidery machine is perfect for embroidery on large items like bags, jackets and tablecloths as well as regular items like polos and caps.

This impressive device is hard to conceal in your house or shop. Join the thousands of other furniture producers and shopkeepers who have started or expanded their company through Ricoma.

Ricoma SWD-1501 Embroidery Machine Complete Overview

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Introduction Of Ricoma SWD-1501

Introduction Of Ricoma SWD-1501

With its wide overhead room and a small sewing arm, the ricoma SWD Series is well-suited for embroidery on both bulky and small items.

The screen on this computer has an extremely high-definition true-color 8″ LCD touchscreen that you can use to run the device at hand with ease. It boasts an SWD memory of 20 million stitches.

This panel allows you Port Adelaide and make adjustments to the look of your designs to help create custom lettering. You can also use the panel to transfer designs from the Chroma software package that comes with your machine.

Size and weight of Ricoma SWD-1501 is 850mm L × 965mm W x 952mm H (33.5 in L × 38 in W × 37.5 in H) – without stand Net Weight: 18.5 kgs (40.1 lbs) Gross weight: 26 kgs (54.6 lbs)

Specifications Of Ricoma SWD-1501

Specifications Of Ricoma SWD-1501
  • Ricoma SWD-1501 having 15 needles with larger area size.
  • This is a single head embroidery machine.
  • Net weight of SWD-1501 is 185 kilograms [408 lbs].
  • Gross weight of ricoma embroidery machine is 230 kilograms [507 lbs].
  • The meaturement of embroidery area of Ricoma SWD is 800mm x 500mm [ 32” x 20” ].
  • The size of ricoma SWD-1501 is L: 1,035mm W: 920mm H: 1,600mm
    L: 40” W: 36” H: 63”

Features Of Ricoma SWD-1501

Features Of Ricoma SWD-1501
  • High definition true-color 8″ LCD touchscreen. Easy to operate. Large memory capacity: 20 million stitches or 200 frames. Machine reads multiple design formats, including DST, DSB, and more. Frame offset and frame outlining available for easy applique.
  • Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic,Italian, Czech, Polish and more.
  • Embroider stylish and professional clothing using ats, caps, and high-quality garments.
  • Suitable for embroidering ats, caps, and highly-refined garments Maximum embroidery width: 800 mm, or 32 inches. Maximum embroidery length: 500 mm, or 20 inches.
  • Operating weight: 185 kg (408 lbs), top gross weight: 230 kg (507 lbs), heavy gauge stainless steel stand with wheels for stability and mobility.
  • Maximum stitch speed: 1,000 stitches per minute, memory capacity: 20 million stitches or 200 designs, machine reads multiple design formats, such as DST, DSB.
  • System 270a wide-angle cap environmentally friendly built-levers for easy machine assembly.
  • USB input or direct transmission from PC via a LAN port or wireless Networkable and Wi-Fi capable Integrated minimum 150 W powerful servo.A
  • built-in universal power supply 110V 60Hz and 200V 50Hz (self-adaptable worldwide) allows users to meet any kind of power requirements.
  • DC36V micro-step motor for X & Y axis driving in order to reduce noise and vibration include an emergency stop switch. Also, automatic thread trimmer includes a device for detecting thread breaks.
  • Easily apply appliqu, sequin, boring, or cording. Two recessed USB ports, which protect the USB ash drive, are available.
  • Optional laser tracing device available. Multiple hoop sizes for a variety of embroidery needs are available. Memory retention is automatically complete.


In conclusion,the Ricoma SWD-1501 embroidery machine is a great option for those looking to start embroidering. It is easy to use and has a variety of features that make stitching patterns simple and easy. If you are new to embroidery, this machine may be the perfect choice for you.